Replacing an AC Unit: A Comprehensive Guide

Replacing an air conditioner unit is a complex task that requires the expertise of a professional. From disconnecting the compressor and air controller from the air duct system to connecting the electrical connection and recharging the refrigerant, there are many steps involved in replacing an AC unit. Depending on the scope of the project, ducts may also need to be repaired or replaced. If it's time to switch out your air conditioner, here is a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for what to expect.

To begin, the technician will cut off the power supply to the old unit and then drain the coolant it contains before taking it apart. Once the old unit is removed, the new one will be installed. The technician will mechanically connect the ducts to the air controller and solder the coolant lines to the equipment. The electricity will be reconnected and the drain will be reconnected. The technician will also recharge the refrigerant so that it can produce cold air again.

If your technician suggests improvements or changes to the duct network to maximize the efficiency of the unit, consider them. If your air conditioning and heating system is more than ten years old, it's time to think about how to prepare to replace it. When you decide to purchase a new air conditioner unit, expect to receive information about safety, maintenance routines, warranty information, and any other special instructions related to its operation. Check out this helpful article “How to Know When Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced” for more information. Whatever the reason you're considering buying a new air conditioner or boiler, you'll want to review this handy checklist to make sure you're buying the right equipment and asking contractors the right questions. Once you have finished replacing the new air conditioner, the technician will perform pressure and vacuum tests to ensure that it is working properly before adding a new refrigerant.

HVAC replacement costs vary depending on the unit manufacturer, technology features, and efficiency rating. Technicians will need access to this area in order to work, so be prepared for technicians to be able to access that area of your home. Draft Control HVAC is a trusted heating and air conditioning company serving East Ottawa. Replacing an AC unit is a complex process that requires professional expertise. Follow these steps in order to prepare for what to expect when you decide to buy a new air conditioner unit.

If your old air conditioning unit no longer works like it used to, or if you want to upgrade it for greater efficiency, it's best to replace your HVAC system.